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Winners Canada

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Best Feature Film

Full Circle – By Noel Brady

The lives of two men, an Irish war journalist and an American living in Ireland intertwine in an unusual tale of enlightenment and redemption.

Documentary Film-Maker and war journalist, Malcolm Walker (Michael Bates) returns to Ireland after his last production in Gaza went horribly wrong. A tragic accident occurred while filming his documentary about underground tunnels used by ‘Hamas’. This accident caused the death of Malcolm’s wife and producer Linda Walker (Susan Bracken).

Two years on and Malcolm barely recognizes himself or the man he has become. Poor life-choices leave Malcolm facing a night in the local police cell following an unfortunate altercation… But he’s not alone in the cell.

Best Short Film - Group#1

Nice Suicide – By Mike Baran

The Munich-based suicide agency "Nice Suicide Ltd & Co." has dedicated itself to fighting world-weariness, overpopulation and cash shortages in its very own way. "Your light at the end of the tunnel" is the company's statement of competence.

In the style of a documentary fiction, the agency's way of working is satirically scrutinized. The cynical managing director, politicians of all colors, the potential customers and also critics have their say. Suicide, staged according to individual wishes, is celebrated as the solution to all problems, culminating in a dazzling musical showdown.

After a period of success, the company expands and even enters the stock market. But the "brilliant" business idea is caught up with reality sooner than expected ...

Best Short Film - Group#2

Why do you hate your brother? - By Pedro Martins, Inês Marques

A portuguese twisted version of “Snow White” presents Clara, a mature woman, born in a colonial family, who has been forced to the role of caregiver due to her mother's dementia.


She grows in despair and resentment by her brother Victor, as he has been trying to sell out their mother’s most precious relic, a mysterious wooden figurine they brought from Mozambique…

Best Student Film

A Jag In The Duplex System – By Valerie Knill

Heartache, cocaine and dreams: The chronicle of a one-night-stand.

We follow "Linda" and "René" during a club night in Berlin. Both are in life situations that do not meet their inner needs. They go to a party to feel free and to compensate what they otherwise miss.
The concept behind it is to show the impact of the problematic life conditions through the protagonists' attempt to escape. They work as hidden forces that guide and steer the two through the night...

Best Documentary

Dreaming An Island – By Andrea Pellerani

What if everything stopped? If the wheels of the economy were to come off permanently? The Japanese island of Ikeshima is a place that seems to be ahead of its time, showing us a possible future.


The few remaining inhabitants live in a surreal setting, clinging to a normality that seems however to escape them. A dreamlike journey, which forces us to think about our relationship with the planet but also about social isolation and loneliness.

Best Animation

My Boy - By Lauren Fripont

The story is about two kids (a 'boy' and a 'girl') and their mother who play inside their shared fantasy the roles of heroes and monsters.

But things turn sour when the boy wants to play as a magical girl, but the mother doesn't

accept it.

The rest of the story is about how they all deal with the fallout of the mother's reaction with a touching happy ending.

Best Music Video

Straight Into The Ocean – By Carolyn Laws

This visual and audio work is about heartbreak, closure, friendship and tragedy. We follow the journey of lovers, and witness two very different outcomes.

Completed in 2020, the original song and visual story is loosely based on real life events.

Starring Aramis Knight, Beteal Sharon Mahari, Annie Malev, Emma Kenney and Allen Ling.

Directed by Carolyn Laws, filmed and edited By Zachary Perlow, colorized by Roy Sun, executive produced by Allen Ling.

Best TV & Web Series

Incompleteness – By David Ash

A terminal cancer diagnosis leads a miserable workaholic on a self-indulgent quest to win back his pregnant-and-estranged wife and connect with his unborn son through a self-funded, semi-autobiographical movie about the meaning of life.

All seven episodes of the first season have been completed. Provided here is the pilot episode.

Best Asian Short Film

Naan But You – By Paulo Reyes

Naan But You centers around a special connection between two otherwise strangers and the power of food to bring people together. This film reminds us that the most unforgettable connections we have are often the most unexpected.


We’ve all had them, regardless of country, language, culture, ethnicity, place, or time. Whether it’s a moment or a lifetime, we can’t help but walk away changed.

Best Asian Feature Film

A Song For My Dear – By Chang Yeoul Lee

Born between a Sorrikkun (a traditional musician) father and a Gokbi (a dirge singer) mother, Donghyuk follows their legacy and lives out his life teaching Gukak (Korean traditional music) at a university.
Then, one day, as Donghyuk's wife, Yeonhee, becomes stricken with Alzheimer's disease, Donghyuk's successful life is faced with a sudden peril. Soon afterward, Donghyuk can't help but give up on his teaching to care for his wife which turns out to be more challenging than he imagined. Donghyuk grows increasingly exhausted both mentally and physically as his wife's symptoms worsen. However, feeling guilty for not being present for her during his preoccupation with his work, Donghyuk tends to her with more care than ever.

Special Jury Award

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