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Winners 2022

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Best Animation
ANDY "A Dog's Tale" – By Jamy Wheless


Best Student Film

Alcindo – By Miguel Dores


Best Music Video

Far Away Man – By William Bryant Allen


Best TV & Web Series

Claddagh – By Alan Duggan


Best Short Screenplay

No biscuits in heaven – By Ruth Finnegan


Best Feature Screenplay

Reverend Tyrone – By Hoyt Hilsman


Best Documentary

Motherland – By Vic Gerami


Best Asian Short Film
The Celebration – By Euijin Lee


Best Greek Short Film

Agriolouloudo – By Ioannis Koutroubis


Best Short Film – Group #1

Adoptive Land – By Carlos Pires Silveira


Best Short Film – Group #2

Check The Locks – By Eric Larson


Best Asian Feature Film

Inside A Funeral Hall – By Ho-hyun Lee


Best Feature Film
Hamlet/Horatio – By Paul Warner


Special Jury Awards


A Conclusion – By Sreemon Das
Antique Clock, Copper Basin And Cat – By Mingxuan Wang

Because The World Turns Very Slowly – By Joachim H. Böttcher

Brazzy Jazzy – By Steve Becker

Dystopia – By Bellopropello

Facing The Silence – By Emilio Ruiz Barrachina

False Start – By James K. Jones

Fluctuating – Performed By Hannyta – Directed By Jerry Housen

Lou – By Jimmy Condaminas

Lovemaking – By Tereza Hirsch

Nero – By Maxime Perot

Next Station – By Mohammad Alsheikh

Nice Suicide – By Mike Baran
Ouverture – By Ioannis Koutroubis

Pessoas – By Arturo Dueñas Herrero

Spellbinder Shadow – By Curtis K. Case

That Demmed Elusive Pimpernel – By Ruth Finnegan

The Black Pearl – By Sue Karypidis

The Insensitive Man – By Peter Gartner

The Unintended Journey – By Ayo Liu

The Vegetable Garden – By Maria Marinho Moreira

The Whistle – By Adil Abdolmajeed Yusf

Workforce – By Phil Kwarta